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Forget everything you thought you knew about facelift surgery

Forget about the inflated and surgically altered look, lips-stretched back, and facial expressions that are far from natural.

A significant breakthrough in the field of facelift surgery has given birth to the most innovative technique – the Deep Plane Facelift surgery. This surgery, which is revolutionizing the world of facial plastic surgery, turns back time – it refreshes and illuminates the face with a particularly natural look, and frees you from frequent filler injections.




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Results are more natural and impressive than ever before

Deep Plane facelift is a unique and innovative surgical technique, and the news it brings is particularly exciting! It allows us to optimally influence selected areas – such as the center of the face, the corners of the mouth, the jawline, and the neck. These areas often give the face a tired and sagging appearance, but until now, it has been very challenging to treat them.

Using this technique, the results look natural and are nothing short of amazing. Unlike the traditional facelift (SMAS), there is no risk of an “operated” look, scarring is less noticeable, and the risk of requiring an early “tuck-up” is significantly reduced. This results in a very natural, glowing and rejuvenated appearance, and the beautiful result is maintained for many more years.

We are with, you all the way

When it comes to your face, the most delicate, precise, and professional touch is required. Dr. Wolf brings to the process the subtle microsurgical skill of reconstructive plastic surgery.

Dr. Wolf and his wonderful team would be delighted to accompany you, hand in hand, throughout the entire process. As a leading clinic, we know that it’s the small details that make the treatment experience good and pleasant.

Dr. Wolf holds diagnostic and personal consultations. During the meeting, you can get all the information about existing treatments, possible alternatives, and the most up-to-date methods. You can work together with the doctor to build the most suitable treatment plan for you and embark on a new and exciting journey, knowing that you are in excellent hands.”


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Board-Certified Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

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