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Accessibility Statement

Website Accessibility

We highly value providing service to all customers, including internet users, and therefore invest efforts and resources to make our website accessible. We use a special plugin that enhances accessibility by:

• Enlarging and reducing text

• Adding gray tones to the website

• High contrast

• Inverted contrast

• Bright background

• Highlighting links

• Clear font

Clinic Accessibility

Clinic Address: HaBarzel St. 28, Tel Aviv.

Last Updated: May 29, 2023.

The business is accessible to people with disabilities.

Accessibility Arrangements at “MEDICA” Centers Tel Aviv

MEDICA clinics are accessible to people with disabilities, including the availability of disabled parking in the building’s parking lot, accessible paths, and disabled services.

Accessible Parking: Provided by the parking lot operator.

Telephone Assistance: MEDICA Center telephone assistance is available on Sundays to Thursdays between 08:00-18:00.

Accessibility Coordinator: Ariel Levi


Phone: 2147*

Accessibility Actions in “MEDICA – Medical Centers”:

Training in accessibility services is provided to all employees who provide services to patients and their companions.

Accessible Voice Response

Accessible elevators in the building

Accessible signage and furniture

Entrance to the facility: Wheelchairs can be borrowed for visitors, and our service staff will assist in escorting and directing patients to the various clinics.

Accessibility Solutions for Visual Impairments:

If there is a need for assistance when patients enter the medical center:

It is recommended to schedule in advance with the information center and book appointments.

Without prior arrangement, please approach the security guard at the entrance to the medical center or the information desk located next to the security desk and request assistance.

To ensure that we can address any issues in the best possible way, we highly recommend including contact details in various alternatives (email, SMS, etc.) and providing as much information as possible regarding the encountered problem.

For information and/or customer proposals regarding accessibility adjustments and/or support services, please contact us directly using the provided communication methods above.

Board-Certified Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

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The clinic is accessible to people with disabilities - accessibility statement

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